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Fandom: Hunter X Hunter
Pairing: Scarlet Pair (what I call them anyway): Kuroro X Kurapika
Rating: Not NC-17 (P)G
Warning: PWP, Fluff?, Unedited / Un-beat'ed
Word Count: 1,310
Summary / Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] aionwatha, a fanfiction of her Dis Aliter Visum fanfiction. Written after Chapter 62 because that’s just how much I liked it. \o/ I’m not sure what I wanted to write about exactly but I wanted to write something so here you go. :'D I tried to be as vague as I could and not assume things too much so I hope this turned out fine.

Sunlight gradually streamed in through the open window, slightly dimmed due to the thick curtains filtering the swirling dust in the beams of light. A hushed sigh broke the stillness of the small room, and the sleeping form started to stir, messy blond hair peeking from underneath the covers. When the blanket slid down, it revealed the weary face of Kurapika, whose head turned to the other bed. It was empty and perfectly made that if Kurapika had not known for sure that Kuroro had gone to bed quite late last night—he was not waiting for him, he just happened to still be awake when he did—he would have thought that it had not been slept in.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Kurapika sighed once again, and for the umpteenth time since his capture months ago, he contemplated on his situation. The same questions rang inside his head: why in the world was he still associating himself with his enemy, and what should he do about it? As with his previous musings, Kurapika knew the answer to the first one: he had a vow to keep and he would keep it no matter what. He was, however, still stuck, still going on in circles figuring out the latter. Quite frequently, he had been questioning his principles, his motivations recently for not killing the man who had murdered his tribe. If only he would unseal my nen, the blond mulled over, but almost as soon as the idea crossed his mind, he countered himself, There’s always a way, even without nen. You're just not looking.

Why was that?

Kurapika's eyes snapped open only to huff and scowl at himself. There was no use agitating himself this early in the morning, especially with not much sleep. If there was something to be done to get him out of this arrangement, he would have done it already, wouldn't he? Since the second part was heavily dependent on fulfilling the first, he decided, as usual, to shove his whirlwind of thoughts to the back of his head. It got him nowhere, only more confused, and he always ended up thinking too much about the older man who held him captive and about how different their relationship had become.

With a small shake of his head, Kurapika pushed up and got out of bed. He was in the middle of putting the covers in place when a familiar scent wafted to his nose. As if he were a snake and the aroma the music from a been, the Kuruta wandered toward where the rich smell of fresh coffee was coming from.

“Good morning,” Kuroro greeted without lifting his eyes from his book.

Kurapika hesitated for a second at the doorway, reminded of his earlier chaotic thoughts. He could only hope that the Spider Leader did not have telepathic abilities – not that he could sift through his head for a coherent thought, anyway. Kurapika slowly breathed out to regain control of himself and returned the greeting. He was about to open his mouth again when he spotted change of clothes on the armrest of the chair the older man had been sitting on last night. Kurapika’s brows pulled together and he pursed his lips. He was sure Kuroro put his clothes on that particular chair on purpose, and he tried to disregard what else they had done but a slight redness still crept into his cheeks.

“Coffee should be ready when you’re done.” Kuroro told him still without looking at the blond, and somehow it added to his annoyance.

Kurapika hoped that cold water would help lessen his irritation and distract him from more thoughts about the man in the other room but all the time he was in the shower was spent replaying conversations he had had with Kuroro, and the more… inappropriate exchanges they had had. When he had finally had enough, he cursed as he shut the water off and quickly got dressed.

“You took a while.” Kuroro was pouring himself a cup when Kurapika got out of the shower. “I thought of coming to get you.” The blond was thankful that the older man still would not look at him; he was sure his face was flushed at the thought of Kuroro getting in the shower with him. “I was worried you’d drowned yourself.” As if an afterthought, the Spider Head added in a less teasing way as he handed the younger man a steaming cup, “I would have hated that.”

Even if he could think of anything to say to that, he knew he would either say something hostile or something foolish, and if his train of thought since waking up was of any indication, he was almost certain it would be the latter. So, he said nothing and just gracefully took the cup with a softly mumbled thanks, trying his best to ignore the wild beating of his heart when their fingers brushed ever so slightly. Probably seeing that Kurapika did not show any sign of wanting to move from the spot he was rooted in, Kuroro placed his free hand at the small of Kurapika’s back, swiftly planted a gentle kiss on his lips and swept past him to return to his spot where his open book waited for him. Instead of the usual frenzied hammering of his heart whenever Kuroro touched him, Kurpika felt a strange calmness when their lips met. It took him a second to place when he last felt this and he was taken back to a few days ago when he had woken up in Kuroro’s arms feeling safe and content.

At the exact moment when Kurapika felt something click, he sensed Kuroro’s gaze on him. You have to snap out of it, Kurapika chided himself. This can’t be happening. This was not part of the plan. The persistent denial echoed in his head but even with all the defiance he could muster, his words rang hollow even to himself.

A sense of doom fell on him; however, it seemed like it was not as terrible as it would probably have felt months ago. To Kurapika, it was just like an extension of the second question, only a matter of what he wanted to do about it, too. Right now he had no clue as well, but oddly, he did not feel the same cornered helplessness as before.

It scared him.

Even without checking, he was sure Kuroro’s eyes were still on him – the older man was probably wondering what Kurapika found so compelling about the tiles in the kitchen that he had not even taken a sip at his coffee. As if only remembering the cup in his hand, he blew steam off and sighed happily at the luscious taste, wondering when Kuroro had time to pick up the coffee. It was probably while he was wasting loads of money getting the passports done. In any case, anything seemed possible to the leader of the Spider so it did not really matter.

Great. I’m complimenting him now. Kurapika’s free hand rose to massage the bridge of his nose. With a snort, he finally budged from his spot and moved to the sitting room. Just like his clothes from earlier, his book was lying innocently on the centre table beside Kuroro’s cup. He could take the book and sit somewhere else, even go back to the bedroom but…

Well, why the hell not? Kurapika rounded the small table and settled casually next to Kuroro, grabbing his book and replacing it with his coffee cup. For the moment, even though he knew this was wrong, he would allow himself to enjoy the other man’s presence. Just this one time, which would probably end the moment they were out of coffee and had to go and move again, he would not think too much.